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We are Broadband Communications

Broadcasting from the top of the Bondi Building in Downtown Galesburg Illinois


We are committed to providing cutting edge solutions in an ever changing world of technology. We offer people who don't hides behind technology, instead we share our knowledge and skills. We believe that it takes people not web sites to get your internet connection working. It takes people not "white papers" when you are having problems with your web site. It takes a person not an 800 number to explain your bill. If you are tired of getting lost in a maze of 800 phone trees, voice mails and third party limbo then Broadband Wave is the right company for you. We are

here to serve you one person to another.


"..the promise offered by the computer as a communication medium between people, dwarfs into relative insignificance as the historical beginnings of the computer as an arithmetic engine." (ARPA draft, III-24) "The great success of the internet is not technical, but in human impact. Electronic mail may not be a wonderful advance in Computer Science, but it is a whole new way for people to communicate. The continued growth of the Internet is a technical challenge to all of us, but we must never loose sight of where we came from, the great change we have worked on the larger computer community, and the great potential we have for future change." David Clark in RFC 1336

311 East Main Street, Suite 212

Galesburg, IL 61401

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Phone: 309-342-7257

Fax: 678-392-4461